My Fabulous Storyteller

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My Fabulous Storyteller

A screen-free and emission-free companion to awaken your kid’s imagination!

My Fabulous Storyteller invites children to create their own stories by choosing a hero, an object, a location, and more.

It contains 48 stories, 12 additional stories that can be downloaded for free and hundreds more to discover on the Luniistore!

In 2020, Lunii launched My LuniiStudio, a free application available on Android and iOS that allows children and their families to imagine and record their own stories. Once the story has been recorded, all that's left to do is transfer it to the associated LuniiStore account. So even if they're hundreds of miles apart, children can listen to their favourite stories read by their favourite voices!

You can record as many stories as you like using My Lunii Studio (up to a maximum of 15 minutes per story). You can also export your recorded stories to your account library without limit. You can then transfer the stories exported to your library to your My Fabulous Storyteller for a maximum total of 30 minutes. So, you can transfer two stories of 15 minutes each, 10 stories of 3 minutes, or even 20 stories of 1 minute 30, for example.

Only the total duration of Studio stories transferred to My Fabulous Storyteller is limited, not the number of transferable stories.

My Fabulous Storyteller can store over 200 audiobooks, that's over 250 hours of listening! Thanks to Lunii’s Octave Headphones*, several children can listen to the same story at the same time, via the included multi-jack cable. Little ones can use My Fabulous Storyteller easily and independently thanks to its big buttons and bright colours, perfect for browsing their library and choosing their favourite story. Screen-free and emission-free, its retro style will delight young and old alike. What's more, it's just the right size for little hands, and it's tough enough to survive even the most energetic users!

Product details:
  • ages 3 to 8
  • screen-free and emission-free (a perfect alternative to tablets and phones)
  • lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry
  • includes 48 stories (3 hours) + 12 additional free stories to download from the Luniistore, a digital library where you'll also find over 1,000 other stories to purchase
  • encourages, supports and develops critical thinking and cognitive skills
  • age-appropriate stories and themes (nursery rhymes, fairy tales, art, STEM, etc.)
  • perfect for long trips thanks to its battery life of over 10 hours
  • My Fabulous Storyteller can hold up to 200 albums in several languages
  • volume control to protect children's ears
  • headphone jack plug for quiet moments and travel (see Lunii's Octave Headphones*!)
  • Lunii Studio
  • night mode (screen brightness is reduced, story volume is lowered, stories are automatically sequenced and the device goes into standby mode when the story is finished)
  • rechargeable via USB
  • compatible with Mac, PC and Linux
  • made in Southwest France using responsible manufacturing practices
  • dimensions: 6.8 x 18.5 x 3.5 in
  • weight: 7 oz

*Octave Headphones sold separately.

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