COLORBERRY: Resin, reimagined.

COLORBERRY boasts a fascinating story. What's the secret behind the brand that resin lovers are literally raving about?

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COLORBERRY: Resin, reimagined.

Imagine a resin that gives you all the confidence you need to achieve your creative dreams... A resin that offers a bright and sparkling creative experience... In the following article, you will dive into the world of COLORBERRY: Geode and Crystal Resins, the brand’s two flagship products, as well as the newest addition to the family, JESMONITE. Happy reading!


COLORBERRY Geode Resin was entirely designed by the woman behind the brand. Mrs. COLORBERRY carefully crafted her own recipe from scratch to achieve the perfect casting resin. This high-gloss resin was specially designed for everyone who wants to pour wall art; it lends itself well to wooden substrates or canvases, for example. Thanks to its high viscosity, the resin stays right where you pour it – no unpleasant surprises! This great advantage allows artists to pour with confidence. Geode Resin is a versatile product that can be coloured or glittered. It cures completely within 24 to 72 hours.



Crystal Resin was made for everyone who wants to pour functional art. If you like to work with thick layers of resin inside moulds, Crystal Resin is for you. A candlestick project, a soap dish, coasters, crystals, jewellery plates; Cristal Resin allows you to explore all these creative possibilities, and more. Thanks to its low viscosity, it flows perfectly into your favourite silicone mould and produces almost no bubbles. Just wait 12 hours before unmoulding and discovering your next piece, satisfaction guaranteed.



JESMONITE is the result of a recent partnership between COLORBERRY and British brand JESMONITE. JESMONITE is a water-based, two-component, acrylic polymer/mineral resin system. It is poured like Crystal Resin into silicone moulds and its texture is somewhat like concrete. Its matte colour is perfect for giving your creations a trendy "terrazzo" look. JESMONITE can be coloured with COLORBERRY pigments, and since it is water-based, it is safe for food use.


No matter what style of pouring you want to explore, the creative possibilities are endless with COLORBERRY. Whether you’re creating art or objects, COLORBERRY offers superior quality products you can rely on. Anyone can start casting with COLORBERRY.

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