COLORBERRY: Pigments and Accessories

COLORBERRY products go beyond resin: a whole world of pigments, glitters and accessories awaits you to complete your most beautiful artwork. Well worth a festive celebration!

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COLORBERRY: Pigments and Accessories

If you thought you’d seen it all with COLORBERRY resins, think again. The brand also offers a host of pigments, glitters and accessories of all kinds. In addition to being innovative and eco-friendly, COLORBERRY pigments and accessories are designed to accompany you through every step of your creative process, as well as allow you to take your artwork to the next level. In the following article, you’ll get a glimpse of the many creative possibilities COLORBERRY has to offer to complete your resin projects. Follow the guide!


COLORBERRY resin colouring pigment pastes come in small containers that allow you to measure out your colours perfectly – no more wasting resin. In addition, the pigments do not dry out and last for almost three years. They are liquid, creamy and their high pigmentation gives your projects an unparalleled look. The product is available in nearly 18 colours ranging from black to Florida orange to sapphire blue. A little glimpse into a world of colour!



For those who love metallic colours, iridescent effects or shimmering highlights, COLORBERRY offers powder pigments. Just as pigmented as pigment pastes, pigment powders make your projects truly shine. Easily mixed with resin, pigment powders are your go-to for creating eye-catching metallic effects. In this product category, you will find the Berry Selection, Carat, OMG and Bronze collections.



Who doesn’t love glitter? COLORBERRY meets the needs of many artists by offering a full range of glitters, from super fine to super thick. COLORBERRY glitter is ultra-bright and comes in small containers, making it easy to dose and minimize waste. Always striving to help you create the brightest, most eye-catching effects, COLORBERRY also offers a luxury collection of CRACKS, DRIZZLES and SHELLYS – small, realistic-looking crystals that are perfect for highlighting and emphasizing details in your artwork.



Always aiming to promote eco-friendly creativity, COLORBERRY offers a wide range of accessories to help you make your artistry greener. For example, 4EVERCUPS can be used to mix and pour resin. After use, the dried resin film peels off easily, allowing you to reuse the 4EVERCUP over and over again. The same goes for 4EVERSTICKS, which can be used to mix resin, and RIBBON CUPS, which can be used to create colourful patterns with different colours of resin. Just let dry and remove the resin film after use, easy as pie.



Last but not least, COLORBERRY offers a range of moulds made of 100% silicone. From round moulds of various sizes to geode-shaped moulds, COLORBERRY makes it easier than ever to unmould your artwork. COLORBERRY gives you all the tools you need to express your creativity with confidence. Happy exploring!

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