"Art always makes me feel free. Free to be myself. Art accepts me as I am."
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Have you ever felt like you were in the right place at the right time? This is what happened to Stephanie Walberer, aka MRS. COLORBERRY, when she first touched resin – love at first sight. From an artist in search of her unique style to the businesswoman behind COLORBERRY’s huge success, Stephanie is turning heads with her colourful, sparkling geodes. Today, we are pleased to share some highlights from our chat with Stephanie, the creative mind behind geode art. Happy reading!

DeSerres: Can you describe key moments in your artistic journey?

MRS. COLORBERRY: I hated art. I never connected with art. I was definitely one of the worst art students in school. But there was a time in my life when I felt emotionally down. It wasn't a depression, but there was something missing in my life, even though I had a family, friends, a dog, a great job and my (current) husband Martin. Martin bought me a set of acrylic paints and a small canvas. He thought it would be relaxing for me – and he was right! I enjoyed it so much that I started watching YouTube videos on acrylic painting. After weeks of channelling my inner Jackson Pollock and having fun in our backyard, I discovered acrylic pouring, and then resin. I taught myself, connected with a few resin artists on social media and started developing my own style. Then one day, I decided to put stones on a resin piece to cover my pouring mistakes: GEODE ART was born!

D: How important is art in your life?

C: Art now plays a very big role in my life – I can't imagine life without it. I’ve also been dabbling in art history; it’s fun to discover and question the history of art as an artist. Art is now very important to me, and not just because I have my own collection/brand. Art always makes me feel free. Free to be myself. Art accepts me as I am. Art knows all my weaknesses, flaws, strengths and personality traits because it brings it all together to create something unique. Created by me. Every artist can be proud of that.

D: How would you describe your art?

C: Now, this answer probably won't be too surprising, but my art is unique to me – not just because it’s art, but rather because of the personal growth I get from each work of art. As the founder of a luxury epoxy brand, I must constantly push my boundaries to rethink, reimagine, think differently, think faster, think more innovatively. As a result, I often try a lot of new things when I'm casting and being creative. Behind every work of art secretly lies a new product idea, and so, it is unique to me.

D: How did you end up creating your own resin brand? How was COLORBERRY born?

C: At first, I hated the name COLORBERRY. It didn't fit me at all. But during a day of brainstorming with a few friends, I asked for help in figuring out what I should call my brand. The word COLORBERRY came up and I was outvoted by my friends. I love colour (every room in our house is a different colour) and I love berries… I don't recommend leaving me alone with a strawberry cake, because all you'll have left to eat is the crust!

In fact, I originally wanted to offer only 2 or 3 resin mixing colours, as I personally really struggled to find good pastes that didn't discolour, flocculate, or fade into resin. It really hit a nerve! So many resin artists felt the same way I did. The market was, and still is, flooded with options, which can be very overwhelming to artists, especially beginners. So, I made it my goal to research and study the resin market and include only the best of the best in my assortment – and now I develop my own colours, my own recipes for resin, I have products specially made for COLORBERRY. All this so that resin artists can feel confident in knowing that nothing can go wrong. COLORBERRY isn’t just a brand, it’s a way of life, a statement. Quality before quantity.

D: What do you want people to think when hearing about COLORBERRY?

C: COLORBERRY is supposed to be a feeling! Something you feel when you hold the products in your hand. Something you feel when you see the products. Something you feel when you’ve worked with the products. Something you never want to give away again: the feeling of COLORBERRY and being a true COLORBERRY MONSTER.


To learn more about COLORBERRY resins, pigments and accessories, visit the tips page in our Creative Space, or check out the selection of COLORBERRY products available at DeSerres here.

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