Textura round synthetic brush

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Textura round synthetic brush

Round brush featuring  synthetic bristles and a long, ebony-tainted  handle. Ideal for details, retouching and finishing touches when painting in acrylics.

  • Textura = Springiness + Strength, the ideal tool for thick painting work. The range of Textura brushes is especially aimed at artists who paint using impasto techniques and want to create relief effects using this acrylics and structure gels. The brushes are made using very strong, short, rigid synthetic fibres and off an excellent response to thick colours and mediums.
  • Ferrule: Long, mat nickeled-brass
  • Long handle
  • Rapha?l brushes have been in production since 1793.

Caring for paintbrushes is essential to keeping them in good working condition and to their life span.

Watercolours: dip the paintbrush in water and rinse in warm water.

Oil: dip the paintbrush in a solvent such as taltine. Clean in soapy water and rinse in warm water.

Acrylic: clean in soapy water and rinse in warm water.

Practical information:

Never let dry before cleaning.

Using a hydrating paintbrush cleaner after using taltine or soap prevents bristles from drying and keeps the supple shape of the paintbrush.

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