Decorate a Light-Up Letter

Brighten up your bookshelf with these light-up letters
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Brighten up your bookshelf with these light-up letters. It’s a great way to highlight your favourite reading material and honour some of the classics.


  • Marquee Love light-up letters
  • Marquee Love glue
  • Marquee Love glitter
  • Washi rice paper tape
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes



Step 1:

Paint some sections of the letters with acrylic paint.

Step 2:

Use a brush to apply glue to a given area.

Step 3:

Immediately sprinkle the glued surface with glitter.

Step 4:

Shake off the excess glitter and let dry.

Step 5:

Apply Washi tape to the inside of the letter. You can layer the tape to cover a larger surface area.

Step 6:

Follow the instructions that come with the letter kit to set up the light string and bulbs.