Golden Bullet Journal

Get inspired to stay organized with this iridescent project
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Get inspired to stay organized with this iridescent project. The best part of bullet journaling is making your setup uniquely yours. Customize your bujo with this DIY project. Pebeo’s mirror finish pen is so easy to use, you’ll want to use it on everything!


  • Leuchtturm notebook
  • Pébéo Mirror Effect Kit



How to make a metallic bullet journal

Step 1: 

Shake the glue marker and activate it by pressing down on the nib. Draw designs on the cover of your notebook.

Step 2: 

As the glue dries it will change colour and become transparent. When the glue is transparent and dry to the touch lay the foil sheet over it with the mirrored side facing up.

Step 3: 

Scrape the foil with a hard object to affix it to the glue.

Step 4: 

Gently pull up the foil sheet and reveal your design!


  • Rinse the tip after use and store flat
  • If necessary, apply another sheet of gold mirror foil and scrap again to fill in areas
  • Mirror effect foil comes in a variety of colours to try!