Marker Gradation with 2 Colours

Take advantage of the versatility of markers.
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You have a few markers in your bag? Try this two-colour grading technique and learn how to transition between them. Take advantage of the versatility of markers and go outside to practice your skills with the nature around you.

  • 2 different colour markers
  • Intermediate colour marker
  • Bleedproof paper for markers
  • Drawing to colour in



Step 1: Colour in the drawing with the lighter colour.

Step 2: Use the medium hue for shading, leaving the initial colour visible for the brighter areas.

Step 3: Using the light-coloured marker, go over the parts where the two colours meet in order to make the transition more gradual.

Step 4: Use the dark hue to emphasize darker areas and go back to the medium hue to create a smooth transition between the two.

Step 5: Go over the entire drawing with the initial lighter colour to complete the gradation.