Watercolour Autumn Leaves (EN)

Sunday, October 17th at 2 P.M. (EST)
Duration : 3 hours
Teacher : Kathryn Wadel

$40 | offered online via ZOOM | Capacity: 50 persons
*This course is only offered in English.
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Create watercolour paintings inspired by the vibrant colours and beautiful textures of autumn leaves! In this 3-hour workshop hosted by BC-based artist Kathryn Wadel, you’ll learn techniques and how to mix colours to create a series of paintings on paper. A fun activity to celebrate the most colourful season of the year.

Open to beginners.



Part 1 : 
Get to know your materials

To begin, Kathryn will provide an overview of the materials and demonstrate colour mixing recipes to create an autumn-inspired colour palette.

Part 2 :
 Drawing and painting techniques

In part two, Kathryn will guide you through drawing and painting techniques to create autumn leaves.

Part 3 :
 Eco-conscious clean-up + Q & A

To end the workshop, Kathryn will share helpful tips for developing a more eco-conscious creative practice, followed by a Q & A to answer all your drawing and painting questions.


List of materials to bring:

✓ Watercolour paints (Lemon Yellow, Bright Red and Ultramarine Blue)
✓ Watercolour palette
✓ Watercolour brushes (flat and round)
✓ Watercolour paper (9 x 12 in)
✓ Masonite board/support board
✓ Painter’s tape
✓ Sea silk sponge
✓ Table salt
✓ Paper towel
✓ 2 water containers (recycled glass jars)
✓ Autumn leaves