Easy Gift Tags presented by Fabriano

Decorate your packages this holiday with festive gift tags! 
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Decorate your packages this holiday with festive gift tags! Easy to make, customize, and coordinate with your wrapping, these gift tags are as unique as the gifts you’re giving.


  • Mixed media paper
  • Origami paper
  • 2-inch paper punch
  • 1/4-inch hole punch
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pigma micron pen
  • String



How to create memorable gift tags

Step 1: 

On a piece of mixed media paper or cardstock, draw or trace several gift tag shapes and cut them out. Gift tags need to be slightly larger than the circle punch you are using.


Step 2: 

Using a large circular paper punch, punch holes in your blank gift tags, making them well centred.

Step 3: 

Cut squares of origami paper slightly larger than your holes and glue them to the gift tags, making sure that the origami pattern is visible through the hole. Glue a blank gift tag without a hole to the back.

Step 4: 

Punch a small hole at the top of your tag and thread a string though it to attach to your gift. With a black marker or pen draw ornament toppers at the edge of your circles to instantly transform them into decorative Christmas ornaments!