Embroidered Patterns by Artlex

A few well-placed embroidery stitches can make your sneakers truly unique. Stand out from the crowd with this ultra-creative technique!
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Embroidered Patterns by Artlex
  • 1 pair of Bensimon® sneakers
  • 6-strand DMC embroidery thread
  • 1 large-eye needle
  • 1 pencil

Step 1: Draw or trace an eye on each shoe, using the models below as inspiration.

Step 2: Push the thread through the needle eye. You can thread all 6 strands, or less, depending on the desired embroidery thickness.

Step 3: Insert the needle and thread into the shoe and pull it out at marker A, 4 mm from the beginning of the drawing.

Step 4: Insert the needle back in at marker B, then pull it out at marker C, 4 mm after marker A. The distance between A and B must always be equal to that between A and C. You just created your first back stitch.

Step 5: For the second stitch, insert the needle 4 mm before stitch A, and pull it out 4 mm after stitch A.

Step 6: Stitch by stitch, repeat the process within the contours of the design to create the embroidered eye.

Step 7: Once the eye contour is completed, finish with the pupil. To do this, make a satin stitch, creating very close stitches from bottom to top, from one edge to the other of the pupil, to cover the entire surface.

Step 8: Customize the second shoe with the same embroidery stitches by using the pattern of your choice.

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