Origami Bow presented by Fabriano

Learn how to make this cool bow and add 3D origami accents to your holiday décor and gift wrap
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Origami Bow presented by Fabriano

Learn how to make this cool bow and add 3D origami accents to your holiday décor and gift wrap this year. Your packages are sure to stand out with this trendy Christmas DIY project!


  • Fabriano cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder



How to fold an origami bow

Step 1: 

Cut a square of lightweight Fabriano cardstock paper approximately 9 x 9 inches. Fold the paper horizontally, creasing it with your thumb or a bone folder, open it up and then fold it vertically. Open the paper and flip it over. Now fold your paper diagonally in both directions, matching each corner to corner.

Step 2: 

Open the paper flat, tenting the center. Gently push the opposite corners towards the center and crease the paper flat to form a diamond shape.


Step 3: 

At approximately 2 cm from the top of the diamond, fold down the tip of the paper and crease it. Unfold the paper and re-crease each side of the center square. Pressing down in the center of the square, refold your paper diamond, bending the sides of the square inwards.


Step 4: 

Fold the flat top of your shape down towards the center fold and crease to the edge of the paper. Repeat this fold on the other side and on both sides of the paper shape.

Step 5: 

Gently open up the paper while pressing down on the center square to flatten it.


Step 6: 

Turn the paper over and cut along the center of each of the folds.

Step 7: 

Lay the paper flat again, wrong side up. Fold one corner flap over to meet the opposite corner. Rotate the paper so that these 2 corner flaps are closest to you.

Step 8 (to form the ribbons): 

With both pieces of paper together, fold the side edges of the bottom flap of paper towards the center at 90 degrees. Cut both pieces of paper along the center fold line until the fold. Starting with a very small fold at the top of the center cut, fold the edges of the paper back at an angle on both sides.


Step 9 (to form the bow): 

Fold the top point and bottom point of the bow sides towards the center fold line at a 90-degree angle, creasing it to a point at the very tip. Do this on both sides.

Step 10: 

Turn your bow over and curve the side points towards the center, inserting them under the center square. Now you have a perfect little bow to brighten your décor! Use it to decorate your home, tree or gifts this holiday season.



  • If using paper printed on one side only, make sure to begin folding with the printed side facing up
  • Use a bone folder to crease folds
  • The edges of the bow can be glued in place under the center square