Stackable Baskets

This set of 3 loom knit baskets is ideal for sorting odds and ends
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Stackable Baskets

Soft and stackable, this set of 3 loom knit baskets is ideal for sorting odds and ends. Displayed as a cozy decorative centrepiece, or put to practical use, they’re versatile and fun to make.


  • Knitting looms
  • Thick yarn
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle



How to make baskets with a knitting loom

Step 1: 

Make a slip knot and secure it to the peg on the outside of the ring. Loosely wrap your working yarn around the 1st peg counterclockwise. Working clockwise around the loom, continue wrapping each peg around the loom. Be sure not to wrap your pegs too tightly! Push the wraps to the bottom of the pegs. Once this round has been completed, you may remove your slipknot from the peg on the outside of the loom.

Step 2: 

When you come back around to where you started, lay the working yarn over the top of the peg above the wrapped stitch. Using the tool, lift the bottom stitch over this yarn and off the loom. Repeat this stitch clockwise around the loom being careful not to pull too tightly on your yarn, leaving the stitches loose. Repeat this step until your basket measures 5 to 10 inches long.

Step 3: 

Decrease your stitches by moving every second stitch to the peg to the left of it so there are 2 stitches on this peg. Wrap your yarn as before and lift both stitches over it and off the peg. Do this all the way around your loom. Once this round is completed, cut your yarn leaving a long tail. Thread a yarn needle and pass it through all remaining stitches, remove them from the pegs and gather the stitches together. Stitch them securely closed. Weave in all ends.

Step 4: 

Roll the top of the basket opening towards the inside to create a sturdy, double walled basket and fill it with odds and ends. Make different sized baskets to display your items with style.


Change yarn colours halfway to create a two-tone basket, or coloured accents