Paper Poinsettias presented by Fabriano

Craft yourself a bouquet of decorative flowers that never need to be watered!
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Craft yourself a bouquet of decorative flowers that never need to be watered! These festive blooms will liven up your gifts, impress your guest and cheer up any table. Make yourself some paper flowers today.



  • White and green Fabriano Tiziano paper
  • Gold crepe paper
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Pencil



How to craft a paper poinsettia

Step 1: 

Cut a strip of gold crêpe paper 1-inch wide x 4-inches long. Fold the crepe paper in half and make small cuts along it. Only cut half way through the strip.

Step 2: 

Take a pipe cleaner and bend one end into a small curl. Put a bead of hot glue on this curl and glue it to one end of the metallic strip of crepe paper, folded edge up. Roll the crêpe paper strip around the end of the pipe cleaner, securing it with another bead of hot glue. Fold back the edges of the crepe paper to fluff up the flower center.


Step 3: 

Cut 4 large and 4 small teardrop shaped petals out of white card stock.


Step 4: 

Glue the smaller petals onto the back of the rolled paper center. Glue the larger petals to the center between the smaller petals. Curve the paper over your thumb to shape the petals and add dimension.


Step 5: 

Cut 4 large teardrop shaped leaves out of green cardstock and glue them under the white petals.


Step 6: 

Use your paper poinsettias to decorate packages or display them in a vase, these festive flowers won’t wilt!



Make poinsettias out of different colours or textures of paper for some variety!