Watercolour Greeting Card on Black Paper

Black paper really makes colours pop, making it perfect for creating vibrant holiday greeting cards!
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Watercolour Greeting Card on Black Paper

Have you always wanted to try watercolours on black paper? DeSerres ambassador Lysa Jordan has the perfect project to get you started. Get your brushes ready and let the paint flow as you create a unique greeting card.




Step 1

Fold your paper in half to create a greeting card. Start by making a few leaves.

Step 2

Add several types of foliage in different colours.

Note: Colours will fade a little as they dry. The more you layer your colours, the brighter and more opaque they’ll be against the black background. Be patient.

Step 3

After creating several layers of foliage, decorate with a few red lines (small berries). You can paint some petals in the centre of your card to create a poinsettia.

Note: If you paint quickly, I suggest waiting for this coat to dry completely before continuing.

Step 4

Next, add foliage and paint some details with a brush. When this layer is completely dry, add a few watercolour pencil strokes to add texture and contrast.

Step 5

For a magical finishing touch, add some details with a white pen. And there you have it! A beautiful holiday greeting card.