How to choose your easel

You’ll own a quality easel for the rest of your life! This timeless tool is essential for creating or displaying your artwork.
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How to choose your easel

Wooden, metal, small, large, portable or massive, so many models exist. Each model matches specific needs and techniques.

To help you choose the right easel, Mr. DeSerres developed a complete guide, including his personal favourites.

Marc DeSerres

"The easel is the symbol of artists at work."
- M. DeSerres


The first step is to ask yourself the right questions before choosing your easel:

    1. What surfaces will I be creating on (canvas, paper, cardboard, etc.)?

    2. How big will my artwork be?

    3. Will I paint inside or outside?

    4. Will my workplace be spacious?

    5. Will I work vertically or horizontally?

    6. Which material do I prefer? Wood or metal?

DeSerres offers the largest selection of easels in Canada to suit every budget. Discover our different models!


01 - Studio Easels

H-frame easels

These imposing easels are generally made with solid or noble wood. They offer a horizontal support bar and vertical support with a single stand. Their wheels allow you to move them easily. Perfect for large canvases or heavy media.

They’re more stable and are suitable for large canvases. A crank or mechanism allows you to raise or lower the easel shelf.

They take up a lot of space and are difficult to move.

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Tripod or Lyre easels

Most common in workshops, these easels are adjustable and can be slanted. In front, both legs form one single block with a vertical bar on which the canvas is placed. At the back, the third leg can be slanted and adjusted to the most comfortable position, while ensuring stability for drawing or painting.

They’re lighter and can be folded, slanted and stored. Perfect for small or medium-sized canvases.

Not suitable for large canvases.

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02 - Country or Exterior easels

Designed for adventurous artists, these easels will follow you anywhere. Very stable, they have telescopic legs for easy height adjustment, allowing you to create on any terrain. Lightweight and portable, they’re perfect for small or medium-sized canvases.

Foldable, lightweight and adaptable to any terrain. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

Not suitable for large canvases.

03 - Tabletop easels

Tabletop easels are designed for practical artists. They don’t take up a lot of space and can be folded and easily stored. Small, they can easily be moved so you can create in the most beautiful, well-lit areas of your workspace. Perfect for small canvases

Compact and lightweight, they’re perfect for artists who like to move, or if you don’t have a large workspace.

They are only suitable for small canvases. 

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04 - Box or French easels

Small and portable easels. Like a travel case, they have a drawer to store your accessories. An adjustment system makes it possible to paint vertically or horizontally in a stable manner. Perfect for small to medium-sized canvases. Historical fact: This type of easel was created during World War II by Roger Jullian. A prisoner of war at the time, he imagined a country easel combined with a box of colours.

Portable and perfect for storing all your supplies.

Not suitable for large canvases. 

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MABEF brand

DeSerres has been working with this Italian brand for 30 years to offer you the best easels. Made with quality wood, and then varnished, easels from this family business are guaranteed for life. 

DeSerres brand

More cost-efficient, while still guaranteeing excellent-quality easels. And, our studio easels are made in Montréal.