Julie Donaldson

"I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, so that makes defining my style a little difficult, but it serves me well as a teacher!"
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Julie Donaldson

Julie Donaldson is a lively, experienced artist and DeSerres expert with a passion for all that surrounds her. Based in Saguenay, she’s been sharing her passion for painting and drawing with DeSerres Studio students for many years. We’re delighted to present her to you today—who knows, maybe you’ll meet her soon in one of our workshops!

Her artistic process

Interested in figurative art, Julie enjoys drawing and painting elements in her environment. The portraits and animals in her artwork exude a unique energy thanks to their vibrant colours: "I’m particularly interested in colour; I work in transparent layers, which I superimpose to add depth to my subjects. I spend a lot of time thinking about my compositions and my choice of colours before starting a piece. I try to create striking light effects by playing with contrasts, and to create atmospheres that enhance my subjects. In recent years, I’ve worked really hard to add more spontaneity to my style, which is a real challenge for me because of my perfectionist nature."

As colour is a big part of her creative process, it goes without saying that Julie loves highly pigmented professional paints such as Liquitex acrylics (Heavy and Soft Body) and Dacryl liquid acrylics by DeSerres.

Her experience at DeSerres

With years of experience working with great artists, we are fortunate that Julie decided to share her knowledge at DeSerres: "Teaching art is a very rewarding profession. I especially love seeing the smile on a student’s face when they admire their finished piece." And as our expert says so well, art is within everyone's reach: "I don't have any particular motivation to paint other than the desire to do so, but I believe that anyone can learn to draw and paint, even if they don't have any particular talent; with a good technique and a lot of observation, you can do it. The important thing is to have fun! "

To check out Julie’s upcoming workshops, visit our DeSerres Studio page.

Julie's artwork

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