Samuel R. Laniel

"I fell in love with custom framing. I've put a lot of effort into my craft, and over the years, I've realized that framing offers endless options for making a piece unique."

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Samuel R. Laniel

Samuel R. Laniel has been part of the DeSerres family for a while now. Now an expert-consultant in custom framing and printing, he's worked his framing magic to beautify hundreds of works of art since he joined us in 2007. With a background in architecture and interior design, Samuel discovered framing at our Boisbriand store: "At first, I didn't know that DeSerres offered framing services. I started out with no experience or knowledge in the field. It was some time later that I realized I really liked custom framing. I then invested a lot of time and effort into my craft, and I realized that framing offers endless options for making a piece unique."

His go-to framing tips

Framing Expert, Consultant or Manager, it goes without saying that Samuel has a lot of experience in the field. We asked Samuel what advice he would give to anyone looking to frame a work of art: "Think long term. Think about choosing a frame/mounting that will allow the artwork to last. Think about the emotional or monetary value (or even the heritage value) of the subject you want to frame, and see if your investment matches your desire to pass the artwork on from generation to generation. Is this the masterpiece you will see when entering the living room? The dining room? The master bedroom? The answers to these questions will determine how much a client should invest in their custom framing project. Another important thing to consider is choosing a frame that will enhance the artwork. Clients are quick to choose a frame that matches the colours in their home, forgetting that a frame adds value to artwork, and that it can easily be matched to your home décor."

Putting the client at the heart of every project

Always with great attention to detail, Samuel makes sure to put the client and the artwork at the heart of every project: "The worst mistake one can make is to suggest framing based on personal taste. We have to be versatile and immerse ourselves in the style of the artwork a client brings us. It’s important to ignore what we like or dislike. After all, while always respecting the style of the artwork, the client is the one who will be looking at the framed piece every day."


Inspiring artwork

Lastly, we took advantage of our trip to the Sherbrooke store (where Samuel is currently working) to ask our framing expert if he had a favourite among the many works he’s framed during his career: "I’ve always loved the abstract works of Fernand Toupin (a Canadian artist born in Montréal), which I’ve had the honour of framing on several occasions. I also love it when clients come in with family collectibles. It's always interesting to learn where they came from."

We are very happy to have Samuel on our team. For all your framing needs, feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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