How to Create a Terrazzo Effect with Mrs. COLORBERRY’s JESMONITE

An ancient decorative technique with speckled patterns and endless compositional possibilities, terrazzo makes its way into your decor! Discover how to apply this effect to your accessories using COLORBERRY's JESMONITE. DeSerres expert Giulia Pellegrino explains all the steps here.
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How to Create a Terrazzo Effect with Mrs. COLORBERRY’s JESMONITE

Mrs. COLORBERRY’s JESMONITE is a water-based, two-component, acrylic polymer/mineral resin system. Featuring a concrete-like finish, this material can be poured into a silicone mould and it will cure in 24 hours. This terrazzo look can be achieved in just ten steps using JESMONITE chips!



 1. In two separate cups, measure your liquid and powder in a 1:2.5 ratio, by weight.
2. Add your pigment to the liquid mineral resin.
3. Slowly add the acrylic polymer powder to the liquid mineral resin.



1. Using the scrap polymer-resin from a previous project, crumple (or crack) the leftover layer from your cup to make terrazzo "chips".
2. Add the terrazzo "chips" to your JESMONITE mix.
3. Slowly pour the mix into a silicone mould.
4. Tap the sides of the mould to make the air bubbles escape.
5. After approximately 20 minutes, remove the JESMONITE tray from the mould and place it on the empty silicone mould. 
6. After 50 minutes to 2 hours, sand down your tray to bring out the beautiful terrazzo effect.
7. Make your tray durable by coating it with beeswax using a clean cloth. Apply
1-3 coats to seal your piece of art. 


- Wear a mask when handling acrylic polymer powder and when sanding the object.

- Protect your workspace with plastic sheeting to facilitate the clean-up.
- If you have sensitive skin, wear gloves when manipulating the raw/cured JESMONITE.
- Wet your JESMONITE before sanding it down.
- Modelling paste can be used to fill any holes in your tray. In addition to filling the gaps in your tray, it can also be sanded down with JESMONITE.
 - Add details to your tray with acrylic paint or an acrylic-based marker!