Pébéo Vitrail Paint by Tanya Vallières

Learn how to create textured abstract work

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Do you want to create textured abstract work? Check out DeSerres expert Tanya Vallières’s simple and fun technique using Pébéo Vitrail paint!


  • Rigid and flat surface (e. g. canvas)
  • Pébéo Crackling Effect Paste Set
  • Pébéo White Sand Textured Gel
  • Pébéo Vitrail Paint (#12 crimson, #23 yellow, opaque turquoise and #15 black)
  • Pébéo Moon Vermeil and Pearl Paint
  • Odourless solvent
  • Painting knife
  • Wooden stick or brush (to mix colours in their respective jars)


Step 1: 

Use the painting knife to apply the sand textured gel and crackling paste onto the surface according to instructions. Leave space to obtain smooth areas later. Let dry completely. Drying time will depend on the applied thickness.

Step 2: 

Before applying, mix colours well with a wooden stick to ensure that the paint is homogeneous.

Step 3:

Pour a small amount of yellow and red Vitrail paints onto the textures, as well as onto half of the spaces created for the textureless areas. To obtain a beautiful effect, the quantity must be approximately 1 to 2 mm thick. Spread the paint with the paint knife. Do not wait for the paint to dry or set before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4:

Pour the same amount of Moon paint onto areas with no paint, as well as onto some areas covered with Vitrail paint.

Step 5: 

Use the tip of the painting knife to add a few drops of turquoise and black. You will only be applying a few random drops on the red and yellow Moon and Vitrail paints.

Step 6: 

With the painting knife, add the Moon paint to the Vitrail paint. A beautiful effect is created.

Step 7: Let dry completely. The paint will remain shiny and very hard.