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When it comes to linocut, one brand’s products stand out: Speedball. Read more to discover some of them.
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Speedball Products

Have you heard of lino printing? This technique allows you to play with light and shadow, curvy and straight lines… Maybe some of you have already tried it thanks to DeSerres expert Maud Besson. When it comes to linocut, one brand’s products stand out: Speedball. Read more to discover some of them.

Speedball began in New Jersey in 1899, initially specializing in pens. Its product offering evolved over the years and lino printing products were introduced in the early 1970s. For over 100 years, the company has been committed to providing superior quality products and services, at an affordable price.
Speedball inks are known for their vibrant colours. In fact, their very bright pigments provide impeccable printing uniformity. The inks are water-based, so they’re very easy to clean with soap and water.
Speedball offers three carving surfaces for linocut printing enthusiasts: Speedy-Cut™, Speedy-Carve™ and classic Speedball linoleum blocks. Speedy-Cut™ blocks are made of soft rubber. They’re durable and allow you to quickly produce fine lines and patterns. They’re also very economical, which makes them ideal for beginners. Speedy-Carve™ blocks are also flexible and very durable. They’re made of a revolutionary pink material that resembles an eraser, making them easier to carve. They’re perfect for creatives of all levels, beginner to expert. Finally, Speedball linoleum blocks are made of high-quality linoleum on MDF board. The fine, flat surface of these solid blocks allows for the reproduction of sharp, precise illustrations.
Speedball offers a very practical set of knives. The end of the handle is removable, allowing you to store the knife blades inside. The handle comes with the purchase of 5 interchangeable lino printing knives. Each knife is made of quality steel, allowing you to easily cut linoleum and rubber blocks. The company also offers all the accessories you need to complete your lino printing project, from rollers allowing you to apply ink to carving surfaces, to inking sheets allowing you to transfer ink to the roller, to scrubbers allowing you to manually and uniformly print on small surfaces.
Lino printing projects are increasingly accessible to you thanks to Speedball's high-performance products. If this medium interests you, Speedball also offers products for screen printing and calligraphy. A whole new world to discover!