Exploring Acrylic Mediums (EN)

Thursday, May 12th at 12 P.M. (EST)
Duration :
1 hour
Teacher : Audrey Chevalier

FREE | offered online via ZOOM | Capacity: 100 persons
*This course is offered in English & French.
Exploring Acrylic Mediums (EN)

Primer, medium, varnish? Matte, satin or gloss? Fluid, semi-thick or ultra-thick? If you’ve asked yourself all these questions while browsing the DeSerres website, or the many rows of products in our stores, this workshop is for you!

For one hour, DeSerres expert Audrey Chevalier will thoroughly explore all types of mediums with you, to help facilitate your decision-making process and offer you all her best knowledge.

List of mediums:

  • Gesso
  • Additive medium
  • Fluid medium
  • Thick medium
  • Varnish


About Audrey

Audrey has been part of the DeSerres family for almost 10 years; having started her journey in-store, she is now a business development consultant. She loves painting with acrylics, a practice she has been developing for almost 15 years.

She is passionate about the products offered here – from their composition to their use, she knows them inside and out!  

Open to Zone Members + exhibitors from Artist Project.

*The workshop will be recorded, and a replay link will be made available.

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