Introduction to Resin (EN)

Wednesday, May 22nd at 6 P.M. (EST)
2 hours
Teacher: Mélyna Leclerc

$50 | offered online via ZOOM | Capacity: 50 persons
*This course is only offered in English.
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Introduction to Resin (EN)
Discover resin and its endless possibilities – and let your creativity do the rest! In this all-level workshop, you'll learn how to work with resin, whether it's to apply a top coat to a work of art or to make jewellery, coasters or other art projects. Resin is a very versatile medium, but also very unpredictable … proper techniques will lead to great results!

Open to beginners and intermediates.
Ages 14 to 99.

*This workshop is recorded (you will receive the video link in 3 to 5 business days after the workshop).


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Before class
, it is important to measure the amount of resin needed to fill your moulds. To do this, fill your mould with water and pour the amount of water in your mould into a measuring cup. Note the amount (volume in ml) you get. This will be the amount of resin you will need to complete your project.

*It is VERY IMPORTANT that this procedure be done several hours before the workshop, as the mould must be completely dry before pouring the resin.

Part 1: Theory: Introduction to Resin

In this theory portion, you will explore all the basic concepts to master resin: how to prepare it, working time, types of resin available on the market, types of projects you can create, types of products you can use to colour it, and how to be eco-responsible in your practice.

Part 2: Let's get creative!

In Part 2, you will mix your resin to create your first projects. For the first project, you will mix resin with pigments/paint/ink and pour it directly on your work surface (wood panel). For the second project, you will mix resin with pigment/paint/ink and pour it into coaster moulds.

Part 3: Q & A

To end the workshop, Melyna will answer any questions you may have about resin.


List of materials to bring:

✓ COLORBERRY® or ArtResin® resin (minimum 500 ml, so 250 ml resin, 250 ml hardener)
✓ Glitter AND/OR pigment paste AND/OR pigment powder AND/OR small decorative rocks AND/OR acrylic paint AND/OR alcohol ink
✓ Canvas (10 x 10 in)
✓ 2 coaster moulds
✓ Wooden stick OR 4EVERSTICKS®
✓ Plastic glass OR 4EVERCUPS®
✓ Plastic tablecloth to protect your work surface
✓ Plastic gloves
✓ Rubbing alcohol
✓ Torch, embossing iron or heat gun
✓ Plastic measuring cup (for resin only)
✓ Level (optional, but still very handy to make sure your work surface is level)

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