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  1. Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground, 4 oz – Titanium white
    It used to be that watercolor painters had few options beyond white paper or a few colored boards. Now you can turn almost any surface into a toned or black ground for watercolor painting, as well as collage, pastels, pencils and mixed media work.

    The titanium white watercolour ground, as well as turning any surface into watercolor paper, allows you to rescue areas within a painting done on watercolor paper! It’s so easy to apply this ground over an area within a painting that needs rescuing-or for working on different compositional areas. You can also lift and scrub without damaging the painting surface.

    Just brush this heavily pigmented, acrylic-based ground onto absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces (for best results abrade the surface with sandpaper or steel wool before brushing on the ground.)

    One coat works on most materials-allow the surface to cure for 24 hours before painting. Once dry, it will not reactivate. This product can be thinned up to 10% with water.

    Quantity: 4 oz
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  2. S’ip Bottle — 450 ml, Orange Cream Taffy

    Whether you like it hot or cold, you’ll be sipping in style with this sleek double-walled S’ip bottle by S’well. Designed to maintain beverage temperatures longer than your average bottle, the stainless-steel body guarantees a drink that’s sure to hit the spot every time.

    Construction: double-walled, food-grade 304 18/8 stainless steel body, BPA-free

    Care: hand wash, do not microwave


    450 ml (15 oz.)

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  3. Instax® Mini 9 Camera — Lime Green

    Special Price $79.99

    Regular Price: $99.99

    Updated in five of the trendiest new colours and tricked out with a built-in selfie mirror (oh, yes!) and a close-up lens attachment, the new Instax® Mini 9 just got better inside and out. Now you can frame your face for the perfect shareable pic and shoot instant photos as close as 35 to 50 cm. Time to get closer to your favourite subjects!

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  4. Tin Storage Box — White

    Treasure box, secret box, trinket box… what will you put in yours? This versatile tin box lends itself to hundreds of uses. Dress it up as a craft project or leave it plain to store, organize, sort and hide anything and everything. Its simple design let’s you decide how to personalize it, or not. Bottom embossed with the DeSerres logo.


    Dimensions: 23 x 21 x 13 cm (9 x 8.25 x 3.5 in.)


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  5. Extra-Fine Bullet Tip Marker — 1 mm

    from $5.99

    Ideal for work on small surfaces, this bullet-tip marker offers the same qualities as a paint marker in the form of a fine tip pen. Posca markers can be used on almost any surface so you can express your creativity freely. The opaque matte finish paint covers well, can be overlaid when dry or used like watercolour when mixed with water.

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  6. Decorative Washi Tape – Spirograph
    Roll of traditional Japanese Washi tape made from plant fibers. These adhesive tapes are lightweight, flexible, translucent and tearable. 

    Dimensions: 15 mm x 10 m

    Scrapbooking projects 
    Gift wrap
    Identifying school and office supplies
    Decorating lampshades, glass jars, carafes, ceramic pots, photo frames, shelves, furniture and more 
    Making labels and notebooks
    Sealing mail
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  7. PWC Artists' Water Color

    from $8.99

    PWC Extra Fine Artists Water Colors are made with carefully selected and high-quality pigments. There are 84 pure and exuberant colors in this range; 54 are single-pigment, 24 are double-pigment, and 6 are triple-pigment. They are ideal for any and all watercolour techniques. 
    Lightfastenss and opacity vary by pigment; each tube is printed with all necessary information. 
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  8. Studio acrylics

    from $5.99

    Studio brand acrylics by Pébéo are ideal products for students. The colours blend well, making it easy to obtain any desired shade. Certain colours are iridescent for creative and original effects.


    Studio brand acrylics by Pébéo come in a wide variety of satin-finish colours, and are lightfast and do not yellow.


    Colours: 45 shades.


    Supports: Most surfaces, including canvas, cardboard, wood and metal.


    Tool maintenance: Clean brushes with soapy water.


    Drying time: About 15 minutes for a thin coat, and about three hours for a thick coat (about ¾ ".)

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  9. DeSerres fine oil

    from $3.97

    DeSerres fine oils offer a large selection of colours and quality nuances, vibrant, opaque or transparent, which blend with one another and are resistant.
    DeSerres oils are made up of pure pigments, rigourously selected and finely grounded, producing smooth and onctuous oils which are easy to work with and durable. Designed to meet the needs of professional artists as well as amateurs, DeSerres oils are a good value.
    Practical information:
    Dilute using oil, essences or mediums.
    Oils should be of the same brand to avoid problems with blending and drying.
    Use a varnish to protect the canvas (it is recommended to varnish after drying for 6 to 12 months depending on the thickness of the paint).
    Avoid inhaling particles.
    Drying: 3 to 6 days.
    Uses: glazing technique, large canvas, etc.
    Care: soap and water, odorless petroleum essence, turpentine essence.
    Supports: canvas, cardboard, wood panels, etc. (Mediums must be prepped to keep from absorbing too quickly).
    Basic material:
    Medium, painting medium, oil paints, paintbrushes, turpentine essence, wood or disposable palette, painting knife. Learn More
  10. Fidget Spinner — Blue

    Special Price $6.97

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Join the latest craze of 2017 and get spinning! Great for relieving stress and increasing concentration, the fidget spinner in a three-pronged, palm-sized plastic gadget that spins around a central weighted disk. Choose your favourite way to spin — balance it on a finger or set it down to see how long it can go for! Its smooth rotation will keep fidgety hands busy for hours!

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