Thickening gel

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Thickening gel

Liquitex thickening gel is used to produce a painting to be sculpted. It can be added to acrylic paints and to water-based mediums. 

Liquitex thickening gel is suitable for creating sculptured effects when a matte finish is desired. When added to acrylic paints and water-based mediums, it offers the same handling characteristics as oil or wax paint.

Liquitex thickening gel allows for properties close to oil paint. It alters neither the tone of colours, nor their transparency.

Important information :

Use an artist’s knife in order to mix carefully and avoid the formation of lumps.

Do not add more than 25% with respect to the volume of the paint.

Mix with an artist’s knife to avoid the formation of lumps.

Uses :
Ideal for impastos.   
Can be applied with an artist’s knife in order to give the surface an Italian fresco appearance.
Can be painted with an airbrush or coloured with pastel or charcoal.
Drying time : from 1 to 7 days depending on the quantity used.  

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