Cozy Woven Wall Hanging

Thanks to helpful tips from our collaborator Chloé Comte, anyone can get started and make this soft weaving project.

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Cozy Woven Wall Hanging

Decorating your home for the holidays isn't just about dressing the tree. You can always add a few more "discreet" decorations around the house – and you may even want to keep them once the holidays are over...

For this, our collaborator Chloe Comte invites you to discover how to make a simple woven wall hanging using soft and trendy colours.

A project by: Chloé Comte


  • Wooden branch
  • 6 balls of wool suitable for a loom (Old Pink)
  • Cotton rope with gold thread
  • Gold embroidery thread or gold rope
  • Wooden beads
  • Scissors



Step 1

Cut 12 pieces of wool, approximately 70 inches in length.


Step 2

Fold the 12 pieces of wool in half and attach them to the branch, making tight knots.


Step 3

Once the 12 pieces of wool are placed on the branch, use four strands of wool to form square knots. Tie two square knots each time.


Note: Need help with the square knots? Click here for our macramé guide.


Step 4

Set aside two strands of wool at each end of the weave so that you do not use them, then continue to tie two square knots, while still using four strands of wool.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 until you end up working the four strands in the middle of the weave, setting aside two strands of wool at each end, and making two square knots each time. The result should be triangular.


Step 6

Tie cotton rope to the branch so that you can hang the weaving once it’s finished. String the wooden beads first, as a finishing touch, then tie a double knot.


Step 7

Fold cotton rope in half and tie it from one end of the branch to the other so that it forms an arc that reaches under the woven part.


Step 8

Cut 28 pieces of wool, approximately 28 inches in length.


Make seven long pompoms by assembling four pieces of wool folded in half.


Tie gold thread around the top of the pompom and form the pompom head by knotting and wrapping the eight strands of wool several times.


Finish by tying tight double knots.


Step 9

Use double knots to attach the seven long pompoms to the cotton rope.


Step 10

Between each long pompom, attach a half-fold piece of wool to the rope, in the same length as the pompoms.


Step 11

Using the same technique as the wool pieces, attach a full ball of gold embroidery thread.


Alternate with the wool and gold embroidery thread between each pompom, except at the ends where only two half-fold pieces of wool are attached. This pompom garland will add volume and colour to your creation.


Step 12

To give your creation its final shape, hang it up and trim it, remembering to take a step back between cuts to visualize its overall shape.


Step 13

Since my weave is asymmetrical, I wanted to accentuate this effect by adding a braid on one side. To do this, I folded a long strand of wool in half and formed a loop by attaching a third piece and some gold thread. I then slipped it onto the branch.