DIY Woven Mug Rugs by Bobbie Made

Learn how to make a set of handwoven coasters, aka “mug rugs” with a small loom and some yarn. By learning basic tabby weave, you can use a single colour or get fancy with some stripes. Design a set of three or four mug rugs to add some soft texture to your décor or give them as a gift!
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  • Small frame loom
  • Wool or cotton yarn
  • Scissors
  • Large eye embroidery needle
  • Ruler
  • Fork
  • Comb (optional)
  • Mod Podge


Step 1: Warp your loom (BERNAT cotton works best for the warp)

On a frame loom, tie a knot on the first nail and loop your yarn around the bottom nail and then the top nail, alternating until you reach 5” wide. Tie a knot to secure.
If you don’t have a loom for this step, you can cut out a piece of cardboard (7” x 11”) and cut slits 1/4 inch apart into the top and bottom, then wrap your yarn through each slit around the cardboard until you reach the end. Tie a knot to secure.


Step 2: Begin weaving

Cut an arms-length of yarn to work with and thread your embroidery needle.
Insert a ruler under and over each thread, keeping 3” from the bottom of your loom. This will help keep your weave in place and leave long enough threads to create fringe at the end.
Begin by weaving your needle over and under each warp thread, leaving a 2” tail of yarn. Once you reach the other side, you will begin the next row by weaving opposite to what you did on the previous row. For example, if you wove under the final strand of your first row, you will start the next row by weaving over the first strand. Then continue with under, over, under etc.

Tip: When weaving, avoid pulling your rows too tightly as this will cause your weave to cinch in the middle. For even tension, create a rainbow with each row and beat down gently with a fork.

Continue to build your rows until you wish to switch colours. Remember to leave a 2” tail on each end as we will weave these in later.


Step 3: Remove your mug rug

Once you have reached the top of your mug rug, snip the warp threads at the very top and bottom of your loom. Tie a knot with two threads (overhanded knot works best) to secure your weave and cut your fringe to the desired length.

Step 4: Tie in loose ends & finish your mug rugs

Turn your mug rug over and weave your tails into the back and trim the excess. For extra security, dab tails with a bit of mod podge to keep them in place and you’re done!

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