Maryse Chouinard

"I would say my art is a form of communication. I want my characters to communicate a message, even if it's just a smile."

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Maryse Chouinard

DeSerres expert Maryse Chouinard has a gift for transporting people into magical worlds through the many stories in her artwork. Today, we're going to tell you a little more about this true master of marker art – who also happens to be the newest addition to our family of in-store experts!


Her journey

Born with a pencil in hand, Maryse has been immersed in art since a very young age: "I held a pencil before I could walk. Drawing has always been an important part of my life. One of my aunts said of me: ‘To love Maryse, you must first love her pencil.’ I stuck to lead pencils for a long time – my lead pencil and I are inseparable – until I discovered Pantone markers in my art classes in college. I still have these markers and I’ve used them in many projects." Over time, Maryse began to use ink in her artwork and to perfect her illustration skills. She met artist Johanne Ouellet who helped take her art to another level. Passionate about comics, Maryse won a prestigious contest in 2008, which allowed her to obtain her first publication. Returning to the world of comics in recent years, it is with DeSerres that she has decided to continue her creative journey in 2021.


Her experience at DeSerres

We are fortunate to have Maryse on our incredible team since September 2021. As a young artist and technical expert, she can help you bring your stories to life like no other: "I would say that my art is a form of communication. I want my characters to communicate a message, even if it's just a smile. I mix realism with cartoons, history with legends, all the while leaving the soul of my illustrations visible: the sketch."


Markers, a tool of choice!

Since DeSerres offers one of the largest marker selections in Canada, we asked our expert Maryse what advice she would give to someone who wants to start using markers: "Don't be afraid to experiment and don't stop at your first try. Explore different surfaces and techniques. And keep your old markers because you can create amazing effects with them, similar to coloured pencils." Feeling inspired? Grab your markers and get creative!

Maryse's artwork

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