Karine Demers

"Art is a part of me, I live and breathe it at all times."
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Karine Demers

Karine Demers has been integrating art into her daily life since 2013. She uses it as a form of therapy, a sort of healing practice, to help her overcome life’s challenges.

Art allows her to, among other things, analyze her inner identity and express her emotions and personality, all of which are clearly perceptible in her works marked by vulnerability and sensitivity.

Using paper as a source of inspiration, she builds her pieces by bending it into simple shapes, in large quantities. Examining the effect of light and composition allows her to develop pieces that rest somewhere between a painting and a sculpture. Her work is inspired by various traditional origami and mosaic techniques. It’s tinged with sequences that soothe, and a touch of creative madness that calls for letting go. A combination of emptiness and fullness illustrates pauses and breaths, just like the rhythm of life. Voids allow you to briefly escape the repetitive nature of her works, to let go, to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Moreover, by adding an aesthetic touch to her works, Karine gets inspired by the moment and disrupts the monotony of her task.

Her creative process is slow and sometimes tedious, but it’s the result of a meditative approach that contributes to her well-being, and is a determining factor in her work.

Karine's artwork

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