Marjolaine Ferron

"Art, in whatever form, has really helped me stay positive throughout life’s challenges."
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Marjolaine Ferron

2020 will definitely be a year to remember, but what we will remember most is all the rainbow art that you created—how it filled the streets with hope and positivity. This year, to celebrate you and your passion for creativity, we called upon the talent of artists of all levels.

A few weeks ago, we reached out to you, our community, and we received some truly touching—and real—images.

You touched our hearts and to thank you, we wanted to share three artists whom we felt truly embodied the idea of feel good art.

Happy reading!


Marjolaine, can you tell us about your relationship with art and its evolution over the years?

Art has always been part of our lives. My oldest, and most beautiful creative memories go back to when my father was always with us, playing guitar in the house library. I remember a time when it was just the two of us, I would dance and twirl around, it made him smile. My little girl mind envisioned this becoming a beautiful memory, like a scene straight out of the movies Dad used to film. I was right, it stayed with me. I also saw him write a lot. His little notebooks were everywhere. He often created, in one way or another.

And for me, this creative passion translated into my love for writing and painting. I learned to paint with oils, acrylics and most recently, I had fun with watercolours thanks to a workshop with Lysa Jordan offered by DeSerres.

Now that I have my own child who loves tractors and balloons, I guess I have less time to create. That's when I discovered art as self-love. When I enter my studio, I clear my heart and my head. All I think about is what I want to create, the colours, the textures – and to whom I will offer the creation.

How does your creative process generally unfold?

When it comes to fine arts, I love and need to be inspired before I start. I need to see images to begin my process. I browse, I travel, and then I let my heart go. I like to be alone, as if my creativity needs all the space in my studio – except two times. Twice (when the context allowed it), I invited friends to come and paint with me. Together, we got comfortable, scattered our colours all over the room and travelled through music.

Since then, I have two magnificent paintings hanging in my house and they are my favourites. They bring back wonderful memories and every time I walk by, I think of friends that I will keep forever. It was unlike anything I had ever done before and I loved it. It's really a great idea.

What does ‘’Art Feels Good’’ mean to you?

It’s the truth. Art, no matter what form it comes in, really does feel good. Sometimes I paint, other times I write. Either way, my heart and head are always flowing. That's all that matters, the outside world stops turning. Art, in whatever form, has really helped me stay positive throughout life’s challenges.

Would you like to pass on your passion for art to your child? If so, for what reason(s)?

I would like to introduce him to art, but in a very natural way like my dad did for me. Nothing was forced, passions were transmitted and transformed from one generation to another, always keeping creativity at the heart of it all. I would like Lou to understand that art, painting, writing and music can really be an outlet. I will show him how art has also helped me get through his great story. I can't wait to tell him through my writing. He will see just how strong he is, and also, realize how he inspired my art.

What have been your go-to DeSerres products over the years?

I've always bought my painting and drawing supplies at DeSerres. Do other stores even exist? My first painting teacher introduced me to this family business, and I haven’t shopped elsewhere since. Plus, each visit turns into a great discussion with in-store experts. I find absolutely EVERYTHING at DeSerres: easels, canvases, frames, colours and my all-time favourite pencils.

Acrylic paint, spatulas, brushes, varnishes and markers (AH, and The Masters brush soap) are my favourite products!

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