Reusable Chalk Art Stencil

Be the next Banksy, until it rains! 
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Reusable Chalk Art Stencil

Spray chalk paint is formulated to wash away like ordinary sidewalk chalk. Be the next Banksy, until it rains! Follow this simple tutorial for learning how to make a 4-colour stencil that you can wash and reuse.


  • Transparent Yupo paper
  • 4 colours of Magic Spray chalk spray paint
  • Precision craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Pencil


How to make a 4-colour stencil

Step 1: 

Using a high contrast photograph, trace your portrait onto a sheet of transparent yupo paper, focusing on the basic features and shadows. Chose 4 colours to correspond to different isolated areas of your image. Draw lines or circles in the corners of your paper, these will be your registration marks and will help you align each layer.

Step 2: 

Place a new sheet of yupo paper over your drawing, copy the registration marks and trace the outline for the frame and the outside contour of the head. This will all be one colour. Label this stencil #1. This will be the first colour you paint. Set this aside.

Repeat this step for every colour you will be painting, tracing each coloured area onto separate sheets of yupo paper. Number your pages.

Step 3: 

Cut out all 4 stencils with an exacto.

Step 4: 

Paint your stencils in order, one in each colour, starting with #1. Wait until the painted surface is dry before applying another stencil. Because of the translucency of the yupo paper, it is easy to see where you should place your next stencil.

Step 5: 

After the stencils have been used, simply run them under cool water to rinse them and lay them flat to dry. These stencils can be used again and again.


  • Boost the contrast of a black and white image in a photo editing program to help you get started
  • Try painting multiple images, changing the colours each time, for an Andy Warhol effect
  • Use a low-tack adhesive on the back of your stencil to help it stay flush to your canvas or board