6 fun activities for young creatives

Looking for fun ways for kids to explore their creativity? We’ve put together a list of varied and stimulating activities to keep your little ones busy!

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Running out of ideas to keep the kiddos entertained on weekends or school break? Inspire them with this helpful selection of creative ideas and products, thoughtfully picked by us for your young artists! Encourage them to paint their first brushstroke, craft their first objects, and take their first steps into the world of art!


Junior Aquarellum Kit
The perfect kit to introduce kids to the art of painting and mixing colours! Aquarellum Junior is a painting technique that involves applying colour to illustrations with masked outlines that magically appear with each brushstroke. Young artists of all levels will be proud of their results! An eco-friendly product designed for children 7 years and older.

Colorizzy Paint by Numbers

Guided by numbers and simple outlines, your aspiring artists will learn to paint their own unicorns, savannah animals, dolphins and other wonderful designs. Watch their masterpiece come to life, colour by colour! An eco-friendly product for children 6 years and older.

Artist Kid Easel Case
What better way to inspire their creativity from an early age than to give them their own easel? This easel case is equipped with 10 tubes of acrylic paint, 2 paintbrushes and a palette. Just unfold the easel and watch their imagination take over! Ages 5 years and up.
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Buki Professional Pottery Studio
Give them the tools to craft their own object from A to Z! This complete kit is ideal for discovering pottery, with a potter's wheel designed for children. Following the step-by-step instructions, children 8 years and older will learn how to make a bowl, a pot or even a plate. The kit includes paints, glitter and stamps so they can decorate their clay creations.

Hama Activity Box
Have you heard of Hama? Create patterns using coloured beads and pegboards, then fuse your design using ironing paper and an iron. Young crafters are sure to enjoy this fun activity for hours while also improving their concentration and fine-motor skills! 5 years and up.

Buki Professional Studio Candles
Give in to the trend! With this complete kit, children can make and decorate their own natural candles using soy wax and cotton wicks! The kit includes 6 moulds and 3 metal cutters to create 9 different candle designs. Ages 7 years and up.

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