Paints for Little Artists: Tacti, Gouachi & Acryli

Tacti, Gouachi and Acryli, three products that allow children to explore their creativity from an early age.

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Paints for Little Artists: Tacti, Gouachi & Acryli

Do you have an aspiring young artist in the family? If so, this article is for you! Let us take you into the colourful world of DeSerres children’s paints. Our products have been specially designed to accompany your little creatives throughout their artistic journey – because art is for everyone. Get your brushes ready!


Tacti is the perfect first paint for young children. As the name suggests, it’s designed for use with fingers and hands: it’s the ultimate sensory paint. Non-toxic and gluten-free, it has a thick and creamy consistency that prevents spills and splatters. It can also be diluted with a little water for use with a brush and endless creative possibilities. Ideal on glossy paper, it’s non-permanent and cleans up easily with soapy water... perfect for creative explosions!



Gouachi is an opaque, matte gouache that is suitable for many surfaces such as paper, wood, plaster or canvas. Like Tacti, it can be used from an early age, as it’s non-permanent and can be washed with soapy water. It remains water-soluble, even after several years. However, Gouachi can crack if applied too thickly, which isn’t ideal for young artists who enjoy adding texture to their paintings. In this case, we recommend our next paint: Acryli.


Acryli is an acrylic designed for young artists. Like professional acrylics, Acryli is permanent and not water-soluble once dry. It can be used on all types of surfaces and, unlike Gouachi, is more resistant to cracking and chipping. It features an opaque, matte finish that young creatives will love. Acryli is the only one of our three children’s paints that is miscible. It can be mixed with mediums or other paints in a homogeneous way. Less suitable for young children, Acryli is ideal for older artists who want to develop their style and explore new techniques.



At DeSerres, we know that the creative journey is more important than the destination. That's why we are proud to offer these three products that will accompany young artists in their creative adventures. With Tacti, Gouachi and Acryli, they can discover and explore the freedom to create.


No No Yes
Surface types
Glossy paper Paper, wood, plaster, canvas All surface types
Opaque Opaque and matte Opaque and matte
Water soluble
Yes Yes No
Yes No No
No No Yes
Suitable for brush use
Yes, but must be diluted with water Yes Yes