Discover DeSerres’ Exclusive Range of Markers

Designed for a variety of applications, DeSerres markers will be a welcome addition to your studio.

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Discover DeSerres’ Exclusive Range of Markers

Have you ever looked at your studio and wondered what creative tool you couldn't live without? Markers are probably on your list. Markers can be used in a variety of ways and have many different features. To help you make your choice, we’d like to present our exclusive range of markers, as well as their new, practical packaging made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. Happy exploring!



We offer two alcohol-based marker options: Alto and Tango. Both markers feature a dual-tip design: Alto markers have a fine tip and chisel tip, and Tango markers have a brush tip and chisel tip. Their ergonomic, triangular shape provides a comfortable colouring experience.

Alto markers feature a more opaque ink. Tango markers, on the other hand, have a more transparent ink, which is ideal when using their fine, brush-like tip (professionals will love these markers!) Both markers have low-odour ink.


We offer four water-based marker options: Tuxedo, Tratto, Mateo and Picolo. Tuxedo markers feature a dual-tip design, as well as non-toxic, transparent and odourless ink. The perfect tool for all your colouring projects.

Tratto markers also feature two tips: a brush tip and a fine tip. You can dilute brush tip strokes with water to mimic the effect of watercolour. A world of creativity awaits you with Tratto markers.

Mateo markers have a fine, 1.0 mm tip. They’re perfect for adding finishing touches to your projects, and their transparent ink is also great for colour layering.

Picolo markers are specially designed for doodling and writing. They feature a durable 0.4 mm tip and they come in 24 ultra-pigmented colours.



And last, but not least, our crowd favourite: Lineo acrylic markers. The great thing about acrylic markers (i.e. paint-based markers) is that they can be used on everything from paper to canvas to wood. With their medium 2-3 mm tip and low-odour ink, Lineo markers will add precise, opaque and vibrant final detailing to your artwork.


Did you know that our markers now come in fully recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging? By using recycled cardboard, we reduce our plastic use by three tons compared to our old packaging (that's nearly 110,000 500 ml plastic bottles!!!). Always aiming for greener creativity, one small gesture at a time.

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