How to Use Acrylic Gel Mediums by Maud Besson

Specially designed for creating artwork, and other craft projects, acrylic gel mediums are durable and do not yellow over time.
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Specially designed for creating artwork, and other craft projects, acrylic gel mediums are durable and do not yellow over time. Discover how to use them thanks to our DeSerres expert, Maud Besson.

Gel mediums can be used in a variety of ways. You can spread them on a canvas to create texture before applying paint, or mix them directly with acrylics to thicken the paint. Gel mediums are also used as an adhesive for all types of materials such as: paper, natural materials (dried flowers, bark, raffia, cork, pearls, etc.), as well as small objects made of plaster or glass. They’re ideal for image transferring, or for mounting canvas or paper on a porous surface. Once dry, they remain flexible and allow you to create several arts and crafts projects. Very versatile, gel mediums provide endless creative possibilities.
Gel mediums come in a thick or very thick consistency. Choose the thickness according to the desired texture; the thicker the gel, the more it will create apparent textures. When mixed with paint, glossy transparent gels retain their transparent effect, even if they’re thickly applied. They control colour brightness and are perfect for adding depth. On the other hand, more opaque or coloured gels are applied to create texture. Matt gels provide very interesting frosted effects. Delaying gels delay drying time, helping to create blurred and shaded areas. For delaying gels, read instructions on mixing proportions carefully so that you don’t alter acrylic paint pigments. Whether you choose a matt, satiny or glossy gel medium, the top coat will always determine the final appearance of the project: matt, satiny, glossy or very glossy.
You can mix fluid gels with acrylic paints using a brush. Thick and very thick gels are more easily mixed with a spatula. Mixing quantities will always depend on the desired effect; we recommend that you test them beforehand.
Gel mediums are ideal for creating texture. Strong and durable when dry, they offer excellent adhesion to acrylic paint. Depending on their thickness, mediums can be applied to surfaces with a brush or spatula. Use firm brushes or patterned spatulas to create lines or patterns when the medium is still wet, depending on the desired effect. Simple brushstrokes will add dimension to your work.