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  • give back.
  • recycle.
  • recreate.

DeSerres’s mission is to instill the freedom to create in everyday life.

And we want to do it responsibly.

That’s why we created an art material recycling program in partnership with a company that shares our values: Terracycle.

Present in more than 20 countries, Terracycle is an environmentally friendly company that recycles waste that is generally considered non-recyclable, so that it can be transformed and reused.

Find a store near you that has the (re)art recycling box, drop off the accepted items, and we'll take care of the rest.

Everything will be recycled responsibly and safely.

By bringing us your empty art containers,
you’re contributing to eco-friendly creativity.

An eco-friendly arrival.

The new recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging for our DeSerres markers reduces our plastic use by three tons compared to the old packaging.
That's more than 110,000 plastic water bottles (500 ml) that won't end up in our oceans.

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To help you better transport your purchases (and, above all, protect them while on the go),
we now offer shopping bags that are:

We will do our best to always improve our practices!

Projects that deserve an
eco-responsable spotlight

Eco-responable pouring

Macramé reusable bag

Meet Marcus
An expert in "green" creations