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Renown for the quality of its products, Moleskine has waded into the digital world with the launch of its highly-anticipated Smart Writing Set. Made up of a Pen+ smartpen, a digital notebook — or as Moleskin calls it: the Paper Tablet — and a companion app, the set gives you the freedom to capture your ideas by hand on paper with all convenience of automatically digitized notes. Putting pen to paper has never been so wired.

Writing on the Cloud

The genius behind the Smart Writing Set stems from a collaboration between Moleskine and NeoLAB. Equiped with NCoded™ technology and an infrared camera, the Paper Tablet and Pen+ use the Moleskin Notes app for iOS or NeoNotes for Android to transfer your freehand notes from page to screen in real time. Curate and share using the best of the analog and digital worlds.

Take writing to the next level

Design has always been at the heart of Moleskine’s success and the Smart Writing Set is no exception to the rule. Here, elegance meets convenience and unprecedented possibilities where the digital aspects take nothing away from the pleasure of writing and sketching. Quite the contrary, the system naturally blends analog elements with smart technology to offer limitless user-friendly creative possibilities for all.

Unrivalled functionality

Why digitize your notes? The Smart Writing Set offers countless advantages.

  • 1ShareInstantly share notes by text message or email.
  • 2CurateSort your notes by subject.
  • 3DigitizeNo more scanners: print right off the page.
  • 4EditImprove, change, scratch out, erase...
  • 5OrganizeCategorize work on multiple tablets and link your calendars.

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