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Three Trending Artists

Follow us into the colourful workshops of three inspiring, local creators: Christine Daigle, Olivier Rielland Nadeau and Pauline Loctin

Christine Daigle

Art Director, Graphic Designer and Painter


With more than ten years of experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, everything Christine Daigle touches has an element of graphic design. Over the years, she’s worked hard to perfect her craft and describes her work as abstract, but always rooted in graphic design. While pursuing her studies in communications, writing, and media, she found herself drawn to visual arts and quickly changed her specialization. Later, following years of collaboration with a leader in the fashion world, she took a big leap of faith and organized her first exhibition as an independent artist.

It’s clear that her work is influenced by psychedelic GIF animator Kidmograph, while James Roper is also recognized in the organic lines and crazy colours. By playing with contrasts, Daigle’s has created her own vibrant style based heavily in fluorescent colours.

Her favourite products :

Olivier Rielland Nadeau

Artistic Director and Calligrapher


Olivier studied to be a graphic designer, but his true passion lies in lettering. While searching for the right career path, he stumbled on calligraphy, and it’s become his bread and butter. Never big on school, the artist threw walked the line with calligraphy: it was make it or break it. After earning a technical degree in graphic design from Marie-Victorin College in Montreal, he worked for several digital and advertising agencies. In addition to flexing his art director muscles, Olivier enjoyed playing around with words alongside the agency copywriters. And that’s where his love for letters and words was born.

Olivier is getting poetic with calligraphy. He’s joined forces with two other graffiti artists for their first large-scale project: Garbage Beauty. A medium like any other, garbage provides lots of interesting surfaces on which to plaster fun puns. With a new-found love for landfills, the collective has skirted graffiti laws to give abandoned objects a new purpose—giving the city’s passers-by a reason to smile.

His favourite products :

Pauline Loctin

Paper Artist


Specializing in folding and origami, Pauline Loctin creates murals, hanging lights and even custom stage accessories. She picked up the nickname ‘Nuagette’ in school, but today Pauline is known as Miss Cloudy, an inspiring and hard-working paper artist. Hailing from France, she moved to Montreal to begin a Masters in Musicology at Université de Montréal. Equipped with the determination, meticulousness and appreciation instilled in her by her violin teacher back home, the artist discovered paper and dove into perfecting the tessellation and origami architecture.

Inspired by her own mixed background and multicultural surroundings, Pauline enjoys bringing back fabrics with eclectic colours and patterns from her travels, carrying with her a story specific to each culture.

Her favourite products :