Golden polymer varnish with UVLS

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Golden polymer varnish with UVLS

Golden polymer varnish with UVLS is a water-based acrylic polymer varnish which, once dry, covers acrylic paint with a protective surface which is soft and resistant to dust. 
Thicker than traditional varnishes, Golden polymer varnish with UVLS protects pigments against the loss of brilliance, can be diluted with distilled water, can be applied with a paintbrush or paint gun, adheres to most  porous and non-greasy surfaces and is non-yellowing. 

Important information :
Test the product on a work before using in order to check the compatibility of the solvent with the varnish. Incompatible solvents can coagulate, thicken or dim the varnish.
To maximize the adherence and protection of the varnish, apply an insulating layer before varnishing. 

For application with a paintbrush, use Golden Glossy Gel diluted with water (2 parts of gel to one part of water).

For application with a gun, use GOLDEN GAC-500 medium mixed with Transparent thinner for paintbrush colours (2 parts of GAC-500 to one part of thinner). Wait 24 hours before varnishing.

Do not apply satin or matte varnish to absorbent surfaces, without having previously applied an insulating layer or a coat of glossy varnish.

For application, do not use foam or sponge paintbrushes.

Do not apply more than 2 coats of flat varnish. If a greater number of coats is necessary, start with the application of several coats of glossy varnish and finish with one coat of matte varnish.

Do not mix with paints or mediums.

Suitable for interior applications.

Keep out of reach of children.

Drying time : several days.

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