A new website also means exciting new features!

With our brand new platform, our website is brimming with new features! Here's a quick tour of some of the improvements we've made so you can see all the exciting changes that will enhance your online shopping experience!

Enjoy your visit!

1. Your account portal is now more user-friendly

We've redesigned the user account portal to make navigation easier.

At a glance, you can see your personal information, your order preferences, your Creative Club points balance, and more.

We know that tracking your online order is very important to you. We've improved our notifications to better update you about the status of your order. You'll receive an order confirmation email, followed by a second confirmation when your shipment is ready to be picked up by our carrier (a new feature!), an additional email letting you know the package is on its way and, finally, a delivery confirmation. No more wondering about the status of your order!

Meet our favourite feature: a revisited order history section that allows you to re-order your favourite items in just a few easy clicks.

2. A smarter and faster search engine

As you know, at DeSerres, we have thousands of products for every creative project under the sun. That's why the search function is our website's most important feature.

The good news is our team has worked super hard to improve this essential tool! Our new search engine combines speed, artificial intelligence and ease to improve your shopping experience.

A fun bonus: when you search for a product or brand, not only will you see related products, but also relevant blog articles and tutorials. So, in just a few clicks, you'll be able to read about what interests you and learn new techniques!

3. Get ready for a new-and-improved canvas page!

Our canvas page is one of the most frequently visited pages of our website. At DeSerres, we are proud to offer you hundreds of canvas types and sizes to suit every creative whim.

Well, we had fun revamping this page to enhance your experience!

Now, when you feel that burning urge to create, you won't have to search among hundreds of formats to find the canvas you need. Simply choose the width of your canvas and, with a single click, your search results will be filtered to only show you the format you need.

Now THAT'S efficiency!

4. Our creative space is even more inspiring

Thousands of you enjoy reading our tips, techniques and ideas to inspire your creative projects. We're thrilled to be your creative ally!

While redesigning our website, we wanted to revamp our creative space to make it easier to navigate. Our creative space 2.0 looks more like a blog. We've inserted photos of each step directly into the text, and we've made the tutorials more inviting.

Inspiration guaranteed!

5. Gift cards now accepted online

Finally! Yes, yes, you read that right: we now accept gift cards as a method of payment on our website (trust us when we say we're just as excited as you are about this service!)

If you have a DeSerres gift card that you would like to redeem online, make sure it has a PIN on the back. If it doesn't have one, please contact customer service for assistance.

6. More ways to pay when ordering online

Our new website makes it easier to shop online. We've added more payment methods at checkout.

We now accept: ApplePay, Google Pay, Android Pay, Shop Pay, Interac, DeSerres gift cards, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.